word of the day


since in multimedia class, many activities has been done. in this class also, me myself who knows nothing about technologies (sometimes hate it hehehe), become familiar with the technologies..one of what we learn in this clases is to create stroryboard for our own program based on Sesame Street program "Word on the Street". my group and i change a little bit its name to " Word of the Day'..its quite similar but still has differences since we used ourself as actor, producer, editor, script writer, lighting man and manymore. we also need to choose our own words and after discusion we choose the word "play".. many things can be done with the word play itself. first shoot is we playing hide and seek, then pulling upih, dancing, and many more. very interesting right?during this session, sometimes i became a cameraman, sometimes actres and sometimes as props also hehehe

k.zah, nazirah, mila and i work very hard as a group to finish this work. we put all of our best effort so we can come out with best video ever even it need to be improvise. so, i really proud to work with them and hopefully we can get more opportunity to work together more.

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