Coming back from home

assalamualaikum...erm as usual i just come back home yesterday..not much activity i done at home. just hanging around wif my family members..share story n secret hehehe..what secret? ermm of course about my little sister's new boyfriendssssssss hahahah...

so this week, its seem very busy one..i don't know whether of assignment or meeting that i need to attends. the schedule as followed

class as usual except BKE 4033 class is cancel..
4 pm meeting for language camp
5 pm word of the day video taping
9 pm movie maker assignmt

class finish at 3..
4 pm newsletter
8 pm meeting falcom

class finish at 1 pm
2 pm interview madam Sally and prepare HOT SEAT materials
9 pm meeting for discourse assignment

11 am spoken analysis in clas Madam sally
2 to 4 class madam Mahani

preparation for language camp..

see..what a pack week right? so wish me all the best guys..waaaaaaaaaa


Ayuni said...

Salam, you have a nice blog here...

Nazirah said...

that's what a student life is..

zusuliyaini mamat said...

salam..kak yuni tq very much..but im still new here..i really welcome any comment that i can used to improve my baby diaries..
for nazirah..yup i totally agree