26 jan 2011

the day that i wait is coming..im going back home today..thanks to hawa that will send me to mbkt..how kind she is..hehehe
my activities today
8.30-mdm sally class(discourse analysis)
its give a littel stress in this class. im get a dizzy bcoz its to hard lah..and bcoz i week in lingusitic matter so its became harder..but everything have solution right? i need to review back the old book hehehe goooo baby
10.00 went to library. nazirah n mila need to look for newspaper cutting.
10.30 need to get nasi hehehe..went to pak zul cafe and eat our "brunch"..i eat ikan kembong msk lemk, and the fish is really sweet. its so fresh..
11.00 multimedia class..tell me more analysis. should be done after raya cina hehehe including this asignmt there is 2 more..
1st-strategic plnng com.individual..concept paper
2nd- discourse analysis- newspaper cutting/analysis
3rd tell me more also analysze  huhu
so this is my job on raya cina weekend
wish me all da best ya guyssss

24 Jan 11

the class start "a little" late today..half an hour. sir maybe have some business to do..start with strategic comm planning and now multimedia english..not really pack day but with the flu and fever that i have, its become so tired..
this is the last week before we go to our qong xi fa cai break..thanks to andrew coz bring us "gan" (orange) and chocolate..sweet..i got 1 orange and 2 cholocte from him..andrew might not back to his hometown..pity him..this is 3rd time he didnt back home to celebrate his raya..
this evening activities will be poco poco in my room..hehehe its fun even do its alone..im sweeting all over the body..it will improve my antibody i hope hehehehe

there is first time for everything

assalamualaikum..hmm to begin with smthng new in a life smtimes it takes time..but someone should have courage and disipline urself so that we never left behind. as same with me, i should never let my fear to do smthing. for example to create this blog huhuhu..so scare with technology..
with this new hobby, insyaallah..everything will fine.amin