<~dia datang lagi..

first of all, let me give reasons for disregard you k hehehe
1st- a lot of asignments, SCP, IMC, Discourse, Multimedia class..its hard to find time for you..
2nd- internet problem..yeah this one i cannot avoid it my dear..


OK..please accept my apologies..PLEASE...

If i Should die Before I wake
Its cause You took My breath Away
Losing you is like living in a world
With no air

p/s no air by Jordin Spark...to show how important of you diariess


Ayuni said...

hikhik, same with me....

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

jwpn dr diarees: u sggup ketepikan i sbb asgmnt. dh tau intrnt ssh, pnjm la broadband.. i xsthn di anaktirikan lg.. (gaya blah tanpa berplaing lg)

milo panas said...

nice blogg..:)
like yo diary so damn much lorh..hehe
t fllow balek k..arigato!!

zusuliyaini mamat said...

ayuni: kesian kan kt kiter..
nadhirah ahmad:jwpn tuk diariess, alah jangan ah mcm tuh, pahni org promise slalu ngan diariess ek..pinjm broadband? penulis ni pemalu orgnyer hehehe
milo panas: tq very much..insyaallah..teruskan memfolow diariess ni k..